Static Control Products Physically Crosslinked PE Foam

Static control products physically crosslinked pe foam is a specialty product. Which is for the transportation of electronic parts and equipment. Its unique properties allow the foam to slowly dissipate electro-static charges given off by neighboring components. Likewise the component itself or even human handlers during the shipping process. Anti-Static foam is excellent for cushioning sensitive circuit boards, computer chips and other electronics.

Packaging Foam

Durable and resilient static control products physically crosslinked pe foam, which is usually used as an additional measure to ensure the safety of sensitive electronic items during transport. It always use to dampen the effects of vibrations and shock impacts for add safety for your packages. It has a few unique features which make it worth adding. Not only is it lightweight so it won’t add to the cost of shipping, it is resistant to mold, mildew, bacteria, and water damage. Even though it is lightweight in nature, this foam solution is highly durable for a solution you can trust. We offer this versatile solution in several sizes and thickness degrees.


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