Conductive Physical Crosslinked Polyethylene Foam

Conductive physical crosslinked polyethylene foam uses polyethylene (PE) and carbon black as the main raw materials. In addition, adding dozens of additives. Through the process of mixing, granulating, extruding, electron beam irradiation, heating foaming, etc. To realize combined carbon and polyethylene, so a macromolecular conductive foam is formed. After radiation crosslinking and foaming, of macromolecular conductive. With excellent conductive antistatic performance. Therefore, it is an ideal antistatic packaging material for optoelectronic devices, microelectronic integrated circuits, and communication.

It has good conductivity and long-lasting ability to eliminate static electricity. As well as with no pollution, no corrosion, no dust, peeling and desquamation, moisture, shock absorption, heat insulation and low puncture pressure and etc features.

The surface resistance and volume resistance are from 3th power or ten to 5th power of ten, permanent conductive, smooth surface, environmentally friendly, easy to process.

Conductive physical crosslinked polyethylene foam features:

  1. Permanent conductivity;
  2. Conductivity is not affected by environmental humidity;
  3. The volume resistance and surface resistance value are from 3th power or ten to 5th power of ten;
  4. Easy to process.

Newcean Technology conductive physical crosslinked polyethylene foam has good anti-static and stable. As well as soft closed-cell structure, which is used for plug-in electronic device inserts. And also good thermal laminating processing performance can be made into trays with cavities. strong and durable.

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