Closed Cell Foam

Closed cell foam is different with open cell foams, which have interconnected cells. Rather, in closed cell foam, the closed-cell foam has independent cell structure which results in dense and pressure resistant foam. It has low water absorption rate and excellent impermeable performance. Foam has varying degrees of hardness, depending on the density of the cells it is composed of.

Foam can be manufactured into different shapes, sizes and colors according to custom requirements and applications. It is an extremely malleable material. It is fairly easy to manage in terms of cutting and fabricating.

Closed Cell Foam Type

Zhuhai Newcean Technology Co.,Ltd, who is a manufacturer of closed cell foam, such as closed cell crosslinked polyethylene foam, closed cell crosslinked polypropylene foam(IXPP foam), closed cell tpe foam. There are two closed cell crosslinked polyethylene foam, one is chemical crosslinked polyethylene foam(XLPE foam), another one is physical crosslinked polyethylene foam(IXPE foam).

Owing to the closed cell structure, so it with many superior charactor, such as sound proof, thermal insulation, waterproof, shock absorption.

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