Foams for Building and Construction Application

Newcean products have been widely used in building and construction applications for several years. The soft closed-cell foams provide excellent sealing and isolation solutions.

Newcean products are environmentally safe, with zero ODP’s and negligible VOC’s

Main Functions of Building and Construction Applications

The main function of Newcean products in building and construction applications are:

  • Sealing against water, air, dust, etc.
  • Impact / vibration dampening
  • Dynamic pressure absorption (expansion)
  • Thermal and acoustic isolation
  • Building and construction products are:
  • Technically superior – low thermal conductivity & negligible water absorption
  • Third party certified & tested
  • Energy efficient
  • Quality materials engineered to last
  • Compliant to local & international fire, smoke and performance standards
  • Proven reliability for several years
  • Fast and efficient to install and totally reliable