Physically Crosslinked Polypropylene Foam

Physically crosslinked polypropylene foam. As well as named IXPP foam, XLPP foam. The IXPP regarding polypropylene as the main raw material, add additives. And by high-energy electron radiation cross-linked, made by high-temperature foam.

Fisrt, the product is extruded with the help of additives which is followed by the electron beam process. After the electron beam process. Second with hot oven operation the physical characteristic of the product increases by means of dilatation. So the product with a very closed-cell structure. And a smooth surface is obtained. In generally, it can be produced for different sectors in cut plate, roll, tube, extra-laminated or non-laminated forms.

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  • Good heat stability(work temperature≤130℃).
  • With product size stability under high temperature.
  • Smooth surface, feel comfortable.
  • Heat conductivity rate is more lower than polyethylene, with superior heat resistant.
  • Extreme toughness, tensile strength and impact strength.
  • Good elasticity and thermoforming.


Thickness Density(kg/m3)
2mm±0.3 80-132 60.6-72.5
3mm±0.3 80-132 60.6-72.5 44.4-56.2
4mm±0.3 80-132 60.6-72.5 44.4-56.2 35.1-44.4
5mm±0.3 80-132 60.6-72.5 44.4-56.2 35.1-44.4
6mm±0.3 80-132 60.6-72.5 44.4-56.2 35.1-44.4
Width ≤1.3m


Package material: Computer, cameras, glassware, precision instruments, high-end items and fragile items packaging ideal material.

Thermal insulation materials: can be used as water pipes antifreeze insulation sets, conservatories, storage tank insulation materials.

Automotive: Steam damper, side guard, cushion, headrest, sun visor, and air conditioner thermal insulation.