• Polyolefin Foam for Car Interior Application

    We offer polyolefin foams to cater for the increasing trend towards light weight, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly materials.

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  • Soft Closed-cell Foams for building and construction applications

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  • SAFE Yoga Mat Foam for Sports

    Non toixc, odorless, high durability, excellent elastic, shock damping, easy to carry, anti-slip, waterproof, thermal insulation

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since 2011

in this industry

8000+ m²

Production workshop

over 70

Talented Workers

ISO 9001

Certificated factory

4 warehouse

in our USA Distributor

Great XLPE/IXPE Foam
since 2011

  • Environmental & non-toxic

    Irreplaceable and non-toxic materials, protecting the baby, pregnant woman and the elderly in a safer environment.

  • Moisture and heat insulation

    With great moisture-proof, waterproof, thermal insulation, and noise reduction performance.

  • Excellent Rebound Performance

    With excellent shock absorption, cushioning, and rebound capabilities. Which widely used for yoga and sports.

  • Durability Long Service Life

    XPE/IXPE mats have excellent weather resistance and long service life with lightweight and low cost.

Foam Products

Professional Foam Manufacturer in China



Chemical cross-linked polyethylene closed cell foam, also named XPE foam

IXPE foam


Full name is irradiation cross-linked polyethylene closed cell foam


Full name is irradiation cross-linked polypropylene closed cell foam

TPE foam

TPE Foam

Also named thermoplastic elastomer, with high elasticity and strength

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