Caps and seals is made of closed cell crosslinked polyethylene foam. And it’s a material with non toxic, odorless, light weight, low water absorption, anti-slip and etc.

For packaging in the food and cosmetics industry, protection from environmental influences & contamination, and the retention of quality. In general, perfect leakage-preventing seals are particularly important for the storage of water dispensers and liquid containers in general.

In fact, the quality of packaging material must be accordingly high. Seals play a decisive role, for example do they still seal well after first being opened or are they permeable to air, moisture and micro-organisms.

Products Advantages

  • Light weight
  • No bacteria
  • Odorless material, no smell, no fogging
  • Thermal insulation
  • Non toxic, passed REACH, PAHS, ROHS certifications
  • Easy assembly
  • High flexibility
  • Good restoring behavior

Products Specification

Material: XLPE, IXPE Foam
Density: 30 kg/m³
Thickness: 2~15mm
Color: white or customized
Size: customized