Door Water Shield

Door Water Shield

Newcean Door water shield is made of Newcean closed cell crosslinked polyethylene foam. And it is used in classic door structures as a wet and dry boundary sealing.

Products Advantages

  • Light weight
  • Thermal insulation improvement
  • Acoustic absorption
  • Sealing function
  • No condensation, no bacteria
  • Odorless material, no smell, no fogging
  • Easy production process, thermoforming and cutting
  • Assembly, high flexibility, good restoring behavior
  • Easy prototyping, cost-efficient prototype tools and fast prototype production

Products Specification

Material: XLPE, IXPE Foam
Density: 125kg/m³, 100kg/m³, 66 kg/m³, 50kg/m³
Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm
Processing method: Thermal vacuum forming