Thick Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam Sheets

Thick Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam Sheets

Thick cross linked polyethylene foam sheets is laminated by fire flame. And it is from one layer to multi-layer. Owing to it’s non-adhesive bonding technique. So increases the overall sturdiness and stability. Therefore, time saving and cost saving by fire flame laminated.

All of newcean foams could be laminated to thick foam. Whatever XLPE foam, IXPE foam, IXPP foam and TPE foam. The maximum thickness is 105 mm.


  • Light Weight
  • Odorless
  • Sound Absorbing
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Low Water Absorption
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Easy Fabrication
  • Weather Stability
  • Chemicals Resistant
  • VOC Free


Building & Construction: HVAC insulation, Roofing Insulation and etc.

Consumer Goods: Paddings, Packaging and etc.

Insulation: Acoustic Insulation, Condensation Prevention, Duct Lagging & Acoustic Linning, Pipe Work, Thermal Insulation and etc.

Sports and Leisure: Cross-fitness Mattress, Pull Buoy for Swimming Construction, Ultra-soft Mattress, Water Floating Mat, and etc.


Material: xlpe foam, ixpe foam, tpe foam, ixpp foam
Density: 25~100kg
Thickness: 15~105mm
Color: white, black or customized
Width: 1m, 1.2m or customized